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Portable Electric Heaters for Industrial Environments

Employers are expected to provide safe work environments, and this includes maintaining a suitable temperature.

While there are no set regulations regarding minimum workplace temperatures, somewhere between 20 and 26 degrees is considered safe – although it can depend on the level of physical exertion.

An environment that is too cold can be a health hazard – exacerbating conditions like arthritis and bronchitis. Temperatures that dip below 19 degrees can increase the risk of accidents. The cold can also reduce dexterity if your employees’ hands become numb and stiff – potentially reducing productivity.

So installing workplace heating is not only a matter of comfort but of health, safety and productivity. In that sense, it’s good for business!

Portable Electric Heaters for Industrial Environments / Fanmaster

Portable electric heater choices for your workplace

Industrial portable electric heaters provide a flexible and effective solution for heating a warehouse, workshop or factory.

Portable units can be moved from one area to another, depending on where staff are working, and then stored away when not in use.

The type and number of heating units you need for your workspace will depend on a range of factors. This includes the size of the area to be heated, your power outlets, the number of people in the building and the heat loads required.

Portable Electric Heaters for Industrial Environments / Fanmaster

Options include:

  • Industrial electric fan heaters – these vary from 2KW to 30KW with the main benefit being no fumes are produced and these electric fan heaters are ideal when fuel-based heaters like LPG or Diesel are not suitable. These provide a gentle warm airflow to the area to be heated. They can also be used on a fan-only setting during the hotter months.
  • Portable radiant heaters – these emit infrared heat and can often be used outside as well, great heater for spot heating.

If you are not sure of the best type or types of portable electric heating for your workplace, get in touch with our team for a professional no-obligation consultation.

Portable Electric Heaters for Industrial Environments / Fanmaster