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We are the Cooling, Heating & Ventilation Specialists

We have the largest range of industrial pedestal & wall fans in Australia from 450mm up to 850mm. We also keep a range of specially designed misting fans, both portable and wall mounted.

We stock a range of HVLS fans that keep the largest of warehouses cool. With the new technology we stock a large range of portable evaporative air coolers & air conditioners for all commercial and industrial applications. If it is heating you are after we offer a full range of portable or wall mounted space and radiant heaters, ranging from diesel, LPG or electric fired

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Fanmaster’s products are available and distributed through a network of specialised resllers in the Automotive, Industrial, Tool Traders & Hardware industries

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Industrial Cooling

Revolutionising the cooling market with efficient cooling systems, Fanmaster’s range of Ouber Evaporative Air Coolers are not only keeping warehouses and factories across Australia cool and providing constant fresh air, but with their innovative cooling systems technology are providing much needed opposition to power hungry air conditioners.

Amongst Fanmaster’s installed Ouber Evaporative Air Coolers are their portable range capable of being manoeuvred into an appropriate position within the working environment to provide maximum effect. These units range from a low 280w system to an impressive 1.1kw system that has the capability of 5000 litres per second airflow easily covering an area of up to 150m².

Fixed Ventilation

Offering Solutions for warehouses, factories, commercial & Industrial sites, Fanmaster’s range of fixed ventilation solutions provide flexibility and design that can service almost any application.

Air change frequency is an all important consideration when creating a plan to extract fumes and different types of airborne contaminants. The amount of air changes required per hour can vary from application to application but as a guide we have set it into 3 different categories: General Ventilation, Dust/Smoke Extraction & Hazardous Extraction – check out our air changes calculate in the technical library.

Other considerations to be included are whether or not the material to be extracted requires explosion proof motors on the extraction units. Being guided by the type of unit required is imperative for the ongoing success of the extraction within the confines of the space that requires ventilation. Fanmaster prides itself in being able to successfully assess the situation and provide a solution to match.


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