FanmasterMarch 10, 2023

Spotlight on the Benefits of Portable Air Conditioners

The purpose of this article is to put the spotlight on the benefits of utilising Portable Air conditioners to regulate the temperature of your industrial or commercial facility this Summer as opposed to fixed systems.

The benefits of Portable AC systems are numerous including enhanced performance, improved air quality, reduced spread of airborne viruses and bacteria, and increased energy efficiency to save you money.

For ease of reading we will use the IPAC range from ICEN distributed in Australia by Fanmaster in the article. So, let’s weigh up the IPAC versus the Others, what an IPAC is and what are the benefits vis a vis fixed unit alternatives – central air conditioning and split system air conditioners

  • Portable – as the name suggests IPAC units can be transported everywhere – they are not a fixture as such; though relatively small in stature with all working components in a single unit they are hard workers
  • Flexible – unlike fixed installed systems which require a lot of work and cost for installation and operation IPACs need ducts to exhaust the air from the space and a power source
  • Versatile – IPAC units are multi-purpose (functional) – some can be used for both cooling and heating and they also dehumidify the space; additionally, just utilise the fan only to circulate the air when no temperature regulation is required
  • Convenient and quiet – the reasonable size and weight of IPAC units makes them easy to install, operate and move … they are a convenient option as well as quieter than window installed alternatives for instance
  • Cost efficient – IPAC units are cheaper to buy, have no install costs and are energy-cost efficient; also the cost of maintenance is less
  • Air Quality and health outcomes – the filters in the IPAC assist in the filtration of air removing dust particles, microorganisms and allergens leading to better air quality.

Understanding a little about what comprises an IPAC and how they work is helpful.

  • IPAC units work by extracting the hot air from a space utilising refrigerant, evaporating coils, a compressor and a fan they cool down and dehumidify the air then throw the cool air back into the room while expelling heat outside using ducts
  • The refrigerant changes its state from liquid to gas when in contact with high-temperature air which is passed to the compressor increasing its pressure, and the hot refrigerant is converted to cool refrigerant which again passes to the evaporator coils which decrease the temperature of the air and the refrigerant again changes state and the next cycle starts. The cool air is thrown into the room after filtration.

In summary, IPAC units are more cost-effective and efficient, consume less energy and achieve better air quality outcomes than traditional fixed AC units and with correct maintenance should have a long productive working life.

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