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FYI, the Bureau of Meteorology Warns of Extreme Heat Waves: Is Your Business Ready?

Australia is bracing for a searing heat wave that could cripple the country and put many lives at risk. “Aussies are being

Chill Out: 12 Tips for Staying Cool This Summer with Fanmaster

Summer in Australia is synonymous with sizzling barbecues, sun-kissed beaches and let’s face it, scorching temperatures that can sometimes leave you feeling

Ventilation Tips for Keeping Your Warehouse, Office, or Home Cool this Summer

As the scorching Australian summer approaches, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment becomes a top priority for warehouses, offices, and homes alike. In

Welcome Spring: Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Cooling Systems

As the blossoms bloom and temperatures start to rise, it’s evident that spring has arrived. While many eagerly anticipate the warmth of

How Australian Industries Stay Cool During the Hot Months

As Australia gears up for the blistering heat of the summer months, industries across the nation are implementing strategies to keep operations

Evaporative Coolers vs Air Conditioners: Which Suits Your Business Best?

Choosing the right cooling system is a critical decision for any business, especially in the sweltering Australian summer. Two popular options are

Expert Cooling Solutions For Your Business, Warehouse or Office This Summer

As summer draws near, the heat can often become unbearable, especially in a business environment where comfort is crucial for optimal productivity.

Fanmaster: An Australian Family Owned and Operated Business

Fanmaster, an Australian family-owned and operated business, has been providing quality products and service to the Australian community for over 40 years.

Should You Use Direct Fired Or Indirect Fired Diesel Space Heaters?

When it comes to heating large spaces or outdoor areas, diesel space heaters are a popular choice due to their efficiency and

Fanmaster Carbon Fibre Electric Heater: The Ultimate in Comfort and Efficiency

Carbon fibre electric heaters are cutting-edge heating technology. They have several advantages over regular heaters, such as: More efficient: Carbon fibre heaters

Electric, Gas Or Diesel – What Is Best For Commercial Heating?

There are several fuel options to consider for commercial heating, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The most used

Give Stale Air The Boot With Industrial Roof Exhaust Fans

Poor air quality can cause health problems, lower productivity and even equipment damage. However, there is a simple and effective solution: industrial