FanmasterJuly 13, 2020

Benefit from Warm, Fresh Air with Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat recovery ventilation allows fresh air to enter a building from outside, without sacrificing indoor warmth. It can be very useful in a workplace for keeping indoor air healthy, while ensuring it remains warm and comfortable inside.

How heat recovery ventilation works

Very often during winter, we close up our buildings to keep the heated air inside and the cold air out – closing doors and windows and sealing up gaps or holes.

The down-side of this approach is that the indoor air can become stale, from a build-up of carbon dioxide, bacteria, dust and mould from condensation. However, if you open up a window or door to let in some fresh air to solve this problem, it defeats the whole purpose of keeping it warm inside in the first place!

Heat recovery ventilation can provide a good solution to this dilemma. A heat recovery ventilation system consists of incoming and corresponding outgoing vents and a heat exchanger.

The system works by drawing in fresh air from outside through an incoming vent. At the same time, indoor stale air flows in the opposite direction and is expelled outside through an outgoing vent. The heat exchanger stores the heat from the stale air and transfers it to the incoming air. The cold air and the warm air do not mix at any point in this cycle.

These systems work most effectively and efficiently in buildings that are properly sealed up to prevent any unwanted air leakage or draughts.

At Fanmaster, we offer Axial Flow Fans that work by circulating and re-circulating warm air. Manufactured in Australia, the fans come with pre-drilled flanges so they can be easily installed in line with existing ducting to help move warm air around the building.

They come in a variety of diameters and motor sizes. All units come with an IP55 motor as standard, but additional dust or water protection is available.

Benefit from Warm, Fresh Air with Heat Recovery Ventilation / Fanmaster

Why is heat recovery ventilation needed?

It can help keep your workers comfortable, healthy and more productive.

For example, if indoor air is allowed to become stale or stagnant in a workplace, it can lead to respiratory problems, lethargy and other symptoms in workers. This in turn may impact on workplace productivity and profitability.

Installing a system of this kind ensures workers are supplied with air that is both continuously warmed and refreshed at the same time. You also benefit from reduced heating costs.

If you would like to discuss heating and ventilation solutions for your workshop, warehouse or factory, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Benefit from Warm, Fresh Air with Heat Recovery Ventilation / Fanmaster