FanmasterDecember 9, 2019

Ensuring Excellent Air Circulation in Your Industrial Space

Australian employers have an obligation to ensure their workplaces have a continuous supply of healthy indoor air.

SafeWork Australia recently issued a warning about the safety hazards of working in environments with inadequate air flow, including putting workers at risk of heat-related illness, increasing the risk of fire or explosion and increasing contaminants like fumes and dust in the air.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can improve workspace air circulation and quality.

Here’s how.

1. Industrial fans for air circulation

Even though fans don’t technically reduce the temperature of a room, they can make people feel cooler and more comfortable due to the breezes and wind-chill effect they create. There are also some fans that improve air quality by extracting contaminants and stale air.

Fan examples include:

  • Floor fans – for air circulation and comfort in offices, warehouses and factories.
  • Mobile Mancoolers – portable fans that also extract contaminants. They are often used in mining due to being highly suited to confined spaces.
  • Commercial pedestal fans – available in a wide range of sizes for different situations.
  • Wall fans – fixed units for use in a range of working environments.
  • HVLS fan – high-volume-low-speed ceiling fans for industrial workspaces.

2. Mechanical ventilation

Ventilation methods work by expelling stale air and introducing fresh air from outside. The units can be either fixed or portable.

Fixed ventilation methods include hooded roof fans, wall exhaust fans, axial flow fans, and industrial louvered fans designed for industrial sites and agricultural buildings.

Portable ventilation units include portable fume collectors, mobile man coolers and compact air blasters.

Ensuring Excellent Air Circulation in Your Industrial Space / Fanmaster

3. Coolers

Cooling units such as evaporative coolers and air conditioners also help improve air quality and air circulation through movement and distribution.

Another option is that of misting fans – which supply a fine mist (which quickly evaporates) during operation, helping to create cooling breezes.

Ensuring Excellent Air Circulation in Your Industrial Space / Fanmaster

Image source: cool-space website

Which option is best?

There is no one perfect solution as every workspace is different. In some cases, a range of solutions might be required. The best way to start is by getting in contact with a company that specialises in air circulation, ventilation and cooling to arrive at the best solution for your situation.