FanmasterFebruary 14, 2019

How Industrial Coolers Work in Factories or Warehouses

Factories and warehouses can get tremendously hot in the summer, due to a combination of high external temperatures and the heat given off by machinery and processes.

These environments can reduce worker comfort and productivity, and may contribute to higher levels of sickness and absenteeism.

An industrial cooler can help mitigate this by efficiently cooling the environment.

Here’s how.

Evaporative cooling

Evaporative cooling works along the same principles as perspiration to cool the body, or the cool breeze you might feel when emerging from a swimming pool.

A quality evaporative cooler designed to suit the environment can provide a very efficient way to cool a factory or similar type of set-up.

With this type of industrial cooler, hot air is drawn over water and cooling pads, and the resulting cooled air is then blown out and distributed by a fan system. The cooling pads can also act as filters to absorb pollutants, ensuring clean air distribution.

Fresh air is also continuously delivered from outside, providing windows and / or doors are left open.

Industrial coolers of this type usually cost less to install and to run than reverse-cycle air conditioners, making them very economically efficient. They also produce a low level of carbon emissions.

Industrial fans

Fans can be used alone or in conjunction with industrial coolers to assist with the distribution of cooled air. This can also reduce cooling costs, as you may be able to run your industrial cooler at a higher temperature.

Options include misting fans, which spray a fine cooling mist over the surrounding zone, ceiling fans to circulate air, and mobile Mancoolers which also provide ventilation.

Choosing the right industrial cooler

Whatever type of cooler you choose for your factory or warehouse, it’s important that it is well-matched to your building, its functions and the number of occupants, as well as to the local climate.

Get in touch with us for a discussion on selecting the most efficient industrial cooler for your factory or warehouse.