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Affordable Portable Industrial Blowers

Portable industrial blowers are extremely useful as they can be relocated to where they are most required, delivering direct ventilation. They can be used in tight spaces, difficult-to-reach regions, or multiple spots within a building, making them a versatile option for a variety of industrial uses.

Here are Fanmaster’s suggestions for affordable portable industrial blowers all below the price of $500.

Masterfan Portable Ventilator 300mm

The Masterfan Portable Ventilator 300mm is a strong and flexible portable industrial blower that can be used in a variety of applications. This portable industrial blower has a high-performance engine that can swiftly and effectively move big amounts of air. It has a 300mm diameter fan blade and can produce up to 65 cubic metres of air per minute.

The Masterfan Portable Ventilator’s mobility is one of its most notable characteristics. It has two big wheels and is simply wheeled from one place to another. The handlebar also provides for simple manoeuvrability, making it an excellent option for use on building sites, workshops, or other locations where portability is essential.

Affordable Portable Industrial Blowers / Fanmaster

Compact Air Blaster 200mm

The Compact Air Blaster 200mm is a portable industrial blower that provides strong and effective air flow in a small and simple container. This blower is ideal for a variety of industrial uses, including drying, cooling, and ventilation, thanks to its 200mm diameter fan and lightweight, sturdy construction.

The device is lightweight and portable, making it suitable for use in a variety of settings. This blower can help you get the job done swiftly and effectively whether you need to move air in a big plant or a small workplace.

Masterfan Portable Ventilator With 5m Ducting

The Masterfan Portable Ventilator with 5m ducting is a powerful and flexible industrial blower intended to provide effective air flow and ventilation in a wide range of applications. This portable ventilator is ideal for use in industrial environments, workshops, and building sites due to its tough construction, strong engine, and adaptable ducting.

The 5m ducting enables the fan to be positioned centrally and the air to be guided where it is most required, such as tight spaces, passageways, or difficult-to-reach areas. This adaptability guarantees that air can be shifted to where it is most required, increasing ventilation and air purity.

Overall, portable industrial blowers are a beneficial solution for improving air quality, providing targeted airflow, increasing worker comfort, and reducing costs in a variety of industrial settings.

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Affordable Portable Industrial Blowers / Fanmaster