FanmasterDecember 16, 2022

Spotlight on optimising performance and return on your investment over the course of your Portable Air Conditioners

The purpose of this article is to run through a number of simple tasks and operating protocols to observe to optimise the performance of your IPAC portable air conditioner unit and the return on your investment over the course of its lifespan.

You can spend a lot of money to regulate the temperature of your workplace so it is of course an option to set and forget your air conditioner but like any machine, some TLC goes a long way to extending its lifecycle … adding years of performance, efficiency and cost minimisation.

A common question our CX team are asked is – how do I setup, care and maintain my IPAC to ensure longevity of the unit and optimal cooling outcomes? These are a few essentials to follow:

  • Set-up – when setting up your IPAC unit ensure it is located on a flat, even surface near an electrical outlet and an external window for venting and draining; check the power cable can comfortably reach a power outlet preferably without using an extension lead which could be a trip hazard. Try to avoid areas that are very dusty or dirty as particles can permeate into the mechanics potentially leading to electrical or mechanical failure. Finally, place the IPAC where the cool air can flow freely – don’t put items in front of the unit
  • Keep the exhaust hose as straight as possible; the exhaust hose carries warm air out of the facility so for optimal performance, it should be straight, free of kinks and bends – a twisted hose won’t extract warm air efficiently hence the unit must work harder shortening its operating life
  • As far as practicable keep facility access points closed to prevent external warm air from coming inside and internal cool air from escaping
  • Turn on the IPAC before you need it; starting the unit when the space is already hot uses extra energy – so engage its services ideally before your team arrives at work
  • Cleaning the filters – to ensure efficient operation, the IPAC unit’s filters should be cleaned regularly. … as an extract from the ICEN Manual – filter cleaning is simple; the unit has two filters – the evaporator filter and the condenser filter; to maintain the evaporator filter is as simple as loosening a couple of bolts on the filter guard remove the dust from the filter by washing with warm water and mild soap then dry and replace; the condenser filter follows the same process –filters should be cleaned at least every 2 weeks.
  • Storing your IPAC (off-season) – when the season’s change observing a few basic unit storage principles will add to the longevity of the IPAC; firstly drain the unit of accumulated water and then run the unit in FAN ONLY mode, on HIGH speed, for 3 to 4 hours to completely dry then cover the unit with plastic sheeting and store in a cool, dry place.

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