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What To Look For In A Portable Industrial AC Unit

Portable air conditioning isn’t just for modest and domestic areas. Commercial industrial portable air conditioning might be the answer to all of your summer prayers if you work in industrial environments. Not only do portable industrial AC units help your employees feel more comfortable, but they also protect your equipment and inventory.

In this regard, purchasing the most effective portable industrial AC unit for your workspace might be a wise business decision. Summer months are here, so now is a good time to start shopping for a portable industrial AC unit for your warehouse or workshop. Here are some of the things to think about.

Space Available For Your Portable AC Unit

Your portable industrial AC should be the right size for the space that needs to be cooled for best efficiency. It will not be able to efficiently cool the space if it has insufficient cooling capacity. However, if it is overly huge, it will cost you more in terms of energy than it should. Fanmaster stocks small portable 4kW units that are suited for up to 32m2 of cooling space, as well as larger ACs designed to cool spaces of 100m2 or more.

What To Look For In A Portable Industrial AC Unit / Fanmaster

Your Specific Requirements

Is it necessary to continually cool a vast area or only select portions at specified times? If the latter is the case, you might want to think about zone cooling or a portable industrial AC unit for spot cooling.

Your Workplace Environment

Consider how your office environment affects heat entrapment. Examples of this include the building’s construction materials and glass level, the heat created by equipment and operations, if doors to the outside are constantly opened and closed, and so forth. In addition to this, consider whether you need a heating alternative for the winter. If so, it may be best to invest in a portable industrial reverse cycle unit.

Finding The Right Portable Industrial AC Unit For You

Finding the perfect portable industrial AC unit for your workspace is dependent on a range of criteria, from your budget to the size of your space to the number of employees you have that will need this fresh flow of air. With the above tips in mind, you probably already have a better idea of what you need. Let us help you with the finer details.

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What To Look For In A Portable Industrial AC Unit / Fanmaster