FanmasterMarch 10, 2023

What is an Air Scrubber Purifier?

An air scrubber is an air purification system that removes particles from the air by using moisture or by cooling or filtering the airflow as it enters the scrubber. With the help of a series of filters, an air scrubber purifier circulates the air in a space to remove particles and gases before releasing the cleaned air on the other side. They function as a portable air purifier in the absence of any attached ductwork. Yet, it is also possible to use air scrubbers inside an already existing ducting as a permanent fixture.


No doubt about it. Pollutants are essentially eliminated, along with their unpleasant odours, when they are “scrubbed” from the air using an air scrubber. Mould spores, smoke from cigarettes, pet scents, fumes from paint, and even the smell of burnt food are some common odours that air scrubbers can help get rid of.

In order to combat Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde and other chemical and gas odours that may be caused by building materials, pesticides, and fire retardants, Fanmaster’s Air Scrubber Purifier ASP-500-MF3 features a G4 Activated Carbon Filter in addition to a Pre-filter G4 Pleated Disposable Cardboard Filter and H13 HEPA Filter.

Air Scrubber Purifiers are also useful during natural disasters. When cleaning up after a fire, they eliminate burnt odours and lower amounts of airborne soot. Following a leak or flood, they are able to dry out the space and during the mould removal process, Air Scrubber Purifiers prevent spores from spreading.

Although our Air Scrubber Purifiers are most frequently utilised in the commercial sector, our models are also an excellent choice for homeowners due to their adaptability and mould removal abilities. An air scrubber will essentially be used anywhere clean air is required.

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