FanmasterMay 25, 2018

Types of Heating!

There are two types of heating – Radiant Heating & Space Heating. Depending on your application will determine the type of heater you will use, in some instances a combination of both Radiant & Space heaters can be the best solution.

Radiant heating is a great solution for “Spot Heating” in that they are designed to heat people or objects within a specific area e.g. workstations/benches, high traffic or alfresco areas. They heat anything within the radiant beam of the heater. They do not heat the surrounding air; therefore, heat is only felt when someone is directly in front of the heating elements or plate. It improves comfort by increasing the average surface temperature in a room. In most cases there is a lack of moving air used in radiant heating (models without fans), which can be beneficial to those with severe allergies as air isn’t being moved through forced air.

Radiant heating works well in an outdoor application, in that it allows specific areas (or people/objects) to be targeted in places where the air is constantly moving, whereas a space heater for example blows out hot air which would almost instantly be blown away by the outside air. Gas and Electric powered models are available through Heat Australia and have been used effectively in open eating areas (Alfrescos), high roof factory spaces, workshops, garages and office lunch rooms.

Space heating works by providing fan forced instantaneous heat. Space heaters are designed to heat all the air within a space. They use either electric elements or a naked flamed from LPG or Diesel powered units. The heat is distributed by a fan within the unit. Electric Space Heaters are suited to appropriately sized enclosed environments, ideally insulated rooms that are sealed against draughts where air can be continually re-heated. Diesel and LPG models are best suited in areas where there is adequate ventilation i.e. garages or workshops where front roller doors remain open while the unit is in use. The main benefit to space heaters is that they work well at heating an entire room for a prolonged period of time. They are also great to pump heat in many drying applications. Space Heaters are suited in the following applications; warehouses, workshops, factories, construction sites and in agriculture.