FanmasterOctober 13, 2022

Spotlight on Summer – staying COOL

“It’s hot I’m having trouble concentrating” – sentiments expressed in many workplaces around the country during the summer months – so what do you do to manage the adverse effects of heat on your workforce and workplace?

The purpose of this article is to put the spotlight on the three alternate cooling solutions for your industrial or commercial facility this Summer:

  • Cooling via air circulation
  • Evaporative cooling
  • Refrigeration cooling commonly known as air conditioning

Air Circulators

Q: What has blades and a motor and moves air around the workplace?

A:  Fans – from small to very large mounted on a pedestal, a wall, or a ceiling mounted HVLS (High Volume, Low Speed) unit – fans are energy efficient, improve air quality and are quiet.

Evaporative Coolers

Q: What has a water tank, pump system, cooling pads, a fan system and is highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly?

A: Evaporative coolers – these are technically very simple machines utilising the natural process of evaporative cooling. The unit draws in hot air, passes it through a water-saturated cooling pad, and then releases the cool air.

Evaporative coolers (portable or fixed) are the kings of large, open spaces, are affordable, easy to setup, relatively inexpensive to run, ensure steady supply of fresh air, and help filter the air. Their only drawback is they aren’t suitable for humid climates.

Air Conditioners

Q: What are the most popular and well-known air-cooling machines utilising the process of refrigeration?

A: Air conditioners – these are far more complex units as they use refrigerant gas. Comprised of an indoor and an outdoor unit, (except portables) working together to maintain temperature.

Some air conditioners can also heat a space. Air conditioners work well in all weather conditions and have highly effective filtration systems but are only efficient in closed and confined spaces. They also have relatively high running costs and are more harmful to the environment.
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