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Seven Tips For Buying The Best Commercial Heater For The Workspace

Residential heating solutions differ from commercial heaters in a number of ways, most specifically in the power required to heat the area. Commercial heaters will need to heat larger spaces that potentially have very little natural insulation. Workspaces are subjected to extremes in temperature, which results in the need for consistent, reliable heat. Here are seven tips for buying the best commercial heater for your workspace.

1. Measure The Insulation Of Your Space

A poorly insulated workspace will require a much stronger commercial heater or multiple heaters that can be combined to create a consistent and powerful heat. Check the insulation of your building before making your purchase or take steps to insulate as much as possible.

2. Take Note Of The Ambient Temperature Of Your Area

If your workspace is in a naturally cold area, you’ll need a commercial heater that packs an extra punch. Opting for a heater with higher output will be required. Try to maximise on the heating efficiency by blocking draughts and enclosing spaces as much as possible to retain the heat.

Seven Tips For Buying The Best Commercial Heater For The Workspace / Fanmaster

3. Consider Energy Efficient Commercial Heaters

Heating requires a lot of energy to maintain over the winter months. In order to reduce your impact on the planet as well as save on costs, opting for an energy efficient commercial heater will help you maintain cost-effective, sustainable heat for months.

4. Workplace Safety Should Be A Priority

Commercial heaters must be installed in a way that is safe for employees, the workspace as a whole, and any clients or suppliers that may visit the venue. Radiant heaters are an exceptional source of heat that is both safe and powerful.

5. Environment Should Come First

The environment needs to be a consideration when purchasing a commercial heater. Gas radiant heaters provide heat that is reliable and consistent, while also being environmentally friendly and also saving on energy costs. They’re efficient, converting approximately 90% of gas into heat, which provides powerful, instant warmth.

6. Portable Heating Can Heat Multiple Spaces As Needed

Portable commercial heaters will help you heat multiple spaces in your workplace as needed. Both powerful and moveable, these heating solutions can be moved to where you need them most.

7. Choose Higher Wattage For Bigger Rooms

Depending on the size of the room you need to heat, you might need higher wattage for your workspace. Choose a commercial heater that has the capacity to heat your room, or it will become a pointless exercise.

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Seven Tips For Buying The Best Commercial Heater For The Workspace / Fanmaster