FanmasterApril 4, 2019

Portable Ventilators in Confined Workshop Spaces

Portable ventilators are ideal for improving air quality in confined spaces, removing dust, fumes and gases and circulating fresh air.

Ventilating confined spaces is not only a matter of comfort, but of workplace health and safety.

Without proper ventilation, the build-up of contaminants can be hazardous to health. A high quality ventilation system also reduces the risk of fire and explosion if volatile chemicals are being used.

Even without contaminants, stale air and heat can build up in unventilated spaces, leaving workers feeling tired and possibly unwell and impacting productivity.

The ventilation process

In a confined space you need a system that extracts contaminants, replaces stale air with fresh, and then circulates the fresh air inside.

Mechanical ventilation of a workspace can be done in a couple of ways. One is by diluting contaminated air with fresh using extractor or exhaust fan mechanical ventilators. Another is to capture contaminants at their source and expel them outside – known as a local exhaust method.

Portable Ventilators in Confined Workshop Spaces / Fanmaster

Confined space ventilator systems

There are a few portable options for ventilating a confined space:

  • Mobile mancoolers – these are a type of fan that can be fitted with ducting for confined-space ventilation. Mobile mancoolers not only remove contaminants but also circulate fresh air in the space and help cool down your workers. They come in a range of sizes to suit different situations.
  • Masterfans with ducting – masterfans are similar to fixed ventilation systems in that they come with a length of ducting. However, they can be moved from one area to another making them very versatile and potentially ideal for small spaces.
  • Compact air blasters – these systems can be fitted with flexible ducting for ventilation. As portable extractor / blower systems they are very economical and ideal for either dust and fume extraction or for supplying fresh air to small spaces. As the name suggests they are also very compact.

Getting the right portable ventilators

Every situation is different so it’s important to get the right portable ventilators to suit your workplace. Get in touch for a consultation on the most suitable and efficient ventilation system for your confined workshop.

Portable Ventilators in Confined Workshop Spaces / Fanmaster