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Industrial Ventilation – Air Technology Systems

Perfecting indoor air quality is a scientific approach that ensures the people in a workspace are comfortable. Regardless of the space, whether it’s an office, warehouse, factory, or industrial space, Fanmaster is heavily focused on offering solutions that contribute to proper ventilation.

When it comes to industrial ventilation, there are two core air technology systems at play:

  1. Industrial ventilation, which relates to bringing outdoor air into the industrial space in order to keep it ventilated.
  2. Process air technology, which relates to cleaning the air of contaminants.

Industrial ventilation solutions can be complex, depending on the facility itself, and should incorporate both a ventilation solution and a process solution.

Industrial Ventilation Solutions

Keeping the industrial area cool and well-ventilated can come down to a number of different solutions, depending on your requirements.

  • Air conditioners control the air temperature and air quality, ensuring that employees are kept cool, and any products that could spoil are kept at the right temperature.
  • General ventilation systems are also called fresh air ventilation and they are focused on an entire general space. They will keep the entire industrial facility at the same temperature throughout.
  • Local ventilation systems are for more focused areas that need to be controlled separately. These are designed to reduce exposure to contaminants.
  • Process ventilation systems help maintain specific conditions that contribute to a certain process within the industrial area.

Industrial Ventilation – Air Technology Systems / Fanmaster

Process Air Technology Solutions

Process air technology solutions will help ensure that you are running a healthy environment that is free from contaminants. The following solutions help reach this goal for the overall industrial ventilation solution:

  • Cleaning systems remove contaminants from the air and discharge it.
  • Pneumatic conveying systems transport pollutants that have been captured from processes to a collection point.
  • Drying systems remove vapours, gasses, and even moisture from products.
  • Safety air technology systems control smoke during fires as well as help to reduce the risks of explosions.

Fanmaster has an industrial ventilation solution to suit your exact needs. We only sell products of the highest quality. We have personally tried and tested all our ventilation products and we proudly put our stamp of approval on them all.

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Industrial Ventilation – Air Technology Systems / Fanmaster