FanmasterDecember 4, 2020

Hot in the Warehouse? Industrial Cooling Solutions that Work

Cooling your warehouse during summer is essential for worker comfort and productivity.

Industrial cooling solutions include air conditioning, evaporative coolers and misting fans. Passive cooling has a role to play as well.

Here’s how you can keep your warehouse cool during summer.

1. Air conditioners and evaporative coolers

Portable air conditioners work in much the same way as fixed systems, with the added advantage of being moveable. They can be used to reduce humidity, remove contaminants from the air and cool individual zones, workers or machinery.

Evaporative coolers are a relatively inexpensive method of cooling an industrial building. They work by using water-soaked pads to cool air as it flows over them. However, the use of water as the cooling method means these coolers are more likely to suit buildings in areas with drier climates.

Hot in the Warehouse? Industrial Cooling Solutions that Work / Fanmaster

2. Air fans and misting fans

Industrial air fans don’t reduce the indoor temperature as such, but they do help keep indoor air circulating. Using fans with other mechanical systems such as air conditioners also helps in distributing fresh and cooled air around the room.

Misting fans on the other hand do create cooling breezes by spraying a fine mist of water (which quickly evaporates) in the zone. This can help cool down workers and equipment.

3. Passive cooling

Some typical passive cooling methods include installing light-coloured roofing and night-purging. A light-coloured roof can help cool down a building by reflecting heat rather than absorbing it. Night-purging refers to opening up the building overnight to take advantage of cooler night air and cross-breezes. However, this may not suit every warehouse – especially if security is an issue. In this case mechanical ventilation systems can help.

Other actions to consider include turning off machinery when not in use to help reduce heat build-up, and external shades on windows to reduce solar heat entry.

Hot in the Warehouse? Industrial Cooling Solutions that Work / Fanmaster

Need help deciding on an industrial cooling solution?

The best way of cooling your warehouse might involve one of these methods or a combination of two or more. Call or email us if you would like to discuss industrial cooling solutions for your warehouse or workshop.