FanmasterOctober 19, 2016

Gas Radiant Heaters Are Heating Up this Winter

Without doubt, one of the best heating solutions, especially if you are using natural gas is our range of high end Blackheat Gas Radiant Heaters.

If you are looking to install gas heaters to heat your customers in a Hotel, Club, Restaurant or alfresco area – look no further. Our gas tube radiant heaters have been installed in warehouses, factories, mine sites, and many other commercial and industrial facilities.


Check Out This Image Of a Registered Club’s Alfresco Area
Keeping the patrons happy and warm.



Many a cafe and restaurant can continue to trade with its outdoor diners during the cold winter months, thanks to the toasty warm feeling that greats you when seated under one of our gas tube radiant heaters.


Traditional Patio Heaters Versus Gas Tube

These images below show traditional patio heaters versus having a gas radiant heater installed. Note how much more coverage the gas tube heater in the background gives in the first image? Imagine Filling those LPG bottles in the patio heaters every day!



Stylish and Elegant, all whilst keeping your customers warm
without the high cost!




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