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Fume And Dust Hazards And Control Measures In The Workplace

Airborne dust and fumes can be more hazardous than most people realise. They may be generated in practically any kind of work environment but are highly prevalent in industries and work facilities within manufacturing, vehicle repair shops, bakeries, warehouses, and workshops.

Understanding dust hazards and the associated control measures enables you, your workers, and even your customers to work in safer and healthier environments. Safe Work Australia strongly recommends it.

Understanding The Risks Of Fume And Dust Hazards

Fumes and dust compromise air quality, which in turn affects the skin, eyes, sinuses and nasal passages, lungs, and other important parts of the body. Constant exposure to dusts, gases, vapours, smoke and fumes can lead to debilitating consequences and illness. These include asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asbestosis and cancers of the respiratory system such as mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Dust and fumes also pose dire safety issues. In certain manufacturing instances where combustible raw materials are being used, dust accumulation can become explosive. This kind of risk factor is 100% avoidable with a dust or fume collector that can extract any build-up of dust or fumes before they become hazardous.

Fume And Dust Hazards And Control Measures In The Workplace / Fanmaster

Best Fume And Dust Hazards Control Measures

It’s important to evaluate the specific problems in your workplace and consider the best ways to address them. It is also critical that you take the necessary steps to control the hazards. Here are some considerations.


Can the hazard be eliminated in the workplace? If yes, how soon can you implement the solution?


Are there ways to reengineer your plant or processes to ensure that workers come into less contact with fumes and dust particles? This can mean building barriers or improving your ventilation systems. Attend to it as soon as possible for the health and safety of your team.

Administrative Control

Can you lessen workers’ contact with hazardous substances by introducing different procedures? Introducing extraction equipment and robust policies when working with dust or fumes can lessen their exposure immediately.

Get The Help You Need

Controlling fumes and dust hazards in some facilities is easy to manage with the right equipment in place. Fanmaster offers a number of appropriate ventilation solutions and fume and dust extraction and control measures. Our industrial portable fume collector, for starters, can capture 99.8% of particles 0.3 microns or larger.

Contact us today to discuss your dust and fume extraction solution.

Fume And Dust Hazards And Control Measures In The Workplace / Fanmaster