FanmasterNovember 28, 2018

Evaporative Coolers: What are the Best Options?

As the name suggests, evaporative coolers cool the air using evaporation. They work by circulating water through cooling ‘pads’ and distributing the cooled air using a fan. They are also sometimes referred to as “swamp coolers”.

The basic principle behind evaporative cooling is actually very old. Ancient Egyptians are said to have hung wet reeds in doorways and windows, allowing for cooled breezes to enter buildings. They also created cool breezes by fanning clay pots filled with water.

Benefits of evaporative coolers

Coolers that use evaporation techniques are best for drier climates – such as in Australia’s inland and temperate zones. They are not usually suitable for high-humidity areas. The benefits of this type of cooler include:

  • Lower cost – evaporative coolers are relatively inexpensive to install and run compared to other types of coolers such as air conditioners.
  • Environmentally-friendly – evaporative systems are ‘natural’ in that they use water to cool the air without the use of chemical additives. They also produce very low emissions.
  • Healthy – rather than re-circulating air within the room, evaporative coolers continually introduce fresh air, providing windows or doors are left open. The pads can also act as filtration units if they are well-maintained.
  • Easy to maintain – while evaporative coolers require some maintenance, it is quite easily done as there are few moving parts to be concerned with. Maintenance usually involves regular draining and cleaning to remove sediment, replacing the pads when necessary, and booking a professional service once or twice a year.

What are the options with this type of cooler?

Both ducted and portable cooler models are available. If you are interested in an evaporative cooler for your workplace, it’s important to choose one that suits your region, climate and the size of your space.

You will also need to factor in the purpose of your cooler (for example cooling a whole area or spot-cooling), the number of building occupants and your available budget.

Are you considering evaporative coolers for your workplace? Talk to us about the best option for your circumstances.