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Effective Heating Requires Controlled Ventilation

The rule of thumb is that when heating your factory space to keep your employees warm, you will lose that heat by having windows or doors open, which means ventilation is vital. A factory that works with fumes and dust will require specialised ventilation. This is to ensure that a fresh flow of air is floating throughout the factory and has filtered out any harmful fumes that may be circulating. Some factories do not work with fumes or dust; thus, they will only require ventilation that ensures the heated space is still receiving an adequate circulation of fresh air without losing heat.

You should generally make use of heaters that are not fuel based if you wish to keep doors and windows closed, such as electric space and radiant heating. Space heating will heat an entire space while radiant heating targets specific areas. Gas and diesel heaters are not recommended if you are keeping doors and windows closed as this is detrimental to the health and well-being of your employees. That being said, some fuel-based heaters are equipped with vents that will direct fumes outside the factory.

Effective Heating Requires Controlled Ventilation / Fanmaster

Things To Consider When Looking For An Effective Heating Solution

What is your warehouse or factory atmosphere like? Is it generally clean or polluted?

If polluted, ventilation is definitely required to ensure that the space isn’t going to be a detriment to the health of your employees

Do you generally keep doors and windows open or closed?

If your factory space is polluted and you keep doors and windows closed, ventilation is definitely required

Do you require heating for the entire area or specific locations within the space?

For the entire area, space heating is the route to go. For specific locations within the space, radiant heating will be best

What is the size of your factory or warehouse space?

Small factories can utilise space heating while larger factory spaces will benefit from radiant heating

Should you use fuel-based or electric heaters?

This is dependent on whether there is a fresh flow of air moving through your factory space and the ventilation of fumes.

Ventilation is important all round, but primarily during the colder months. In winter, it is likely that we have our windows and doors closed and that increases the need for ventilation. Making use of fuel-based heaters during times like these means that the fumes produced during the combustion process need to be filtered out of the workspace effectively.

Having ventilation that is effective, wall exhaust fans and roof fans for example, will allow you to utilize fuel-based heaters safely.

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Effective Heating Requires Controlled Ventilation / Fanmaster