FanmasterMay 2, 2023

Carpet Dryers – What Are They Used For? How do I use one?

What Are They Used For?

Carpet dryers produce powerful airflow that can be used in several ways across various applications. A carpet drying fan is often used between 2 and 6 days, and on some occasions longer when a substantial area needs to be dried, depending on the area to be dried or the severity of the water damage. 

If you have a commercial building where floors need to be washed frequently, a carpet dryer or blower is a great piece of equipment that allows the washed areas to be dried later. 

In the event of a natural disaster, such as a flood or fire, Carpet Dryers can be used to dry wet surfaces to guarantee that the area is totally dry before any repairs are undertaken. They may also aid in ventilating a specific area. This is crucial because it helps prevent the build up of stale, toxic air left behind by floods or fires in places with limited ventilation.  

The air circulation provided by a carpet dryer can assist in cooling off workers in warm situations and prevent electronic equipment from overheating. Circulating air can also help with lowering dust levels and preventing allergies. Carpet dryers assist in reducing stuffiness and enhancing the quality of the air indoors. As a result, carpet dryers are useful and essential pieces for any business or home. 


How do I use one? 

Positioning your blower carefully is important to circulate air, cool things down, or speed up drying times. Place it somewhere around the perimeter of the room, and if you’re drying something, direct its entrance into the wet area. Place it at least fifteen centimetres away from a wall or anything else that might impede airflow to ensure free airflow. Get a second blower and place it about three metres away from the first, if the space or room is large enough. Direct your movement so that the high velocity air hits the area of your wall or ceiling that needs to be dried. Do not let them run unattended after they have been placed. After they’ve been active for about an hour, test the locations. The speed at which they get the job done will amaze you. Repeat the process if something is still wet until it feels dry to the touch. 

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