FanmasterJanuary 24, 2023

Benefits of Fixed Evaporative Cooling in Large Areas

The purpose of today’s blog is twofold.

  • It talks about cooling solutions for large-scale industrial and commercial applications specifically evaporative air conditioning solutions to cool your customer’s facility.
  • Second, it answers the question of why your customer should invest in a ducted evaporative cooling system rather than refrigerated air conditioning for their facility.

We recently conducted a random survey among our active customer base to determine how many of our resellers were aware of our fixed ducted evaporative solutions for large facilities…
The outcome was poor: only 9% knew we offered the solution and felt confident in describing the benefits and quantifying the scale of the solution to their customer… this means we’re not doing our job properly.

The Solution

Introducing the Ouber IDDAC-670, a system that works hard and achieves amazing results at the big end of town – for example, a system combining 8 units efficiently cools up to 1200M2.

How it works

Simply put, the unit takes hot, dry air from outside and pushes it through water-soaked cooling pads with a fan until the water evaporates and the heat in the air is absorbed, lowering the air temperature. The cool air is then pushed throughout your facility by the fan via a network of ducts.
The IDDAC-670 is a workhorse that delivers, with air intake on all four sides to increase air volume and a downdraft outlet to which the ducting is connected…

A breath of fresh air

The advantages of evaporative air conditioning range from its ease of maintenance and operation to its high energy efficiency. The most compelling non-financial benefit (in a direct cost sense) in our opinion is that these units are literally a breath of fresh air… they generate a healthier air flow with fewer pollutants in the air.
How? The air is not only chilled but also filtered from impurities and pollens as the fan in an evaporative air conditioner draws outside air through the cooling pads.

Mounted externally to your facility (roof or outer wall) and ducted into the area for cooling, multiple units can be configured to cool up to 1200M2 – which may look something like this…

How Do Evaporative Coolers Work? / Fanmaster

The IDDAC-670 has variable speed, a remote control, a control panel, and auto clean functionality.

Check out the Calculation Tool on our website at for more information, or get in touch with our helpful, knowledgeable Customer Support Team for professional advice or to help your customer choose the best temperature regulation and air quality solution.