FanmasterAugust 15, 2019

6 Options for Warehouse Ventilation Systems in Australia

Warehouse air can become contaminated with dust, odours, welding fumes, bacteria, mould and toxic chemicals. Australian employers have an obligation to ensure there is a continuous supply of healthy indoor air in their workplaces through ventilation and air movement – and warehouses are no exception to this.

This is not just a matter of health and safety and employee comfort, either. Condensation, dust and other pollutants can cause damage to machinery and stock. So, there is also a good business case for workplace ventilation.

Mechanical ventilation systems to suit Australian conditions include fixed systems and portable extraction units and fume collectors – depending on the needs of the business.

Here are some options for Australia warehouse ventilation units.

1. Industrial portable fume collectors

These units are designed for tasks that generate dust and fumes, such as welding and grinding. They can capture almost 100% of fine particles. Being portable they can be moved around to different areas, making them a flexible option. They come in a range of different filtering area sizes, starting at 8m2.

6 Options for Warehouse Ventilation Systems in Australia / Fanmaster

2. Masterfans with ducting

These exhaust fans are robust units that are well-suited to Australia’s harsh climate conditions, while being portable enough to move around. The fans also come with a 5m length of ‘concertina’ ducting.

3. Mini mobile mancoolers

As the name suggests these are compact units, which makes them suitable for confined spaces such as in mining and tunnelling work. They work by not only removing contaminants but also by circulating fresh air and lowering the temperature, in turn cooling down workers and hot areas.

4. Axial flow fans

These fixed units are designed to exhaust smoke, fumes, dust and other particles, and are easy to bolt on to existing ducting. They come in a wide range of sizes to suit different needs and situations.

5. Industrial wall exhaust fans

Simple and economical fixed air extraction wall units that are well-suited to Australian conditions. They can be easily fitted into double-brick wall cavities. Like the flow fans, they come in a range of sizes.

6. Hooded roof fans

Hooded fans extract contaminants through the roof space. They can also be used in conjunction with industrial coolers to cool air temperatures during Australia’s harsh summers.

6 Options for Warehouse Ventilation Systems in Australia / Fanmaster

Every work situation is different, so it’s important to get the right type of ventilation unit to suit the individual workplace. Make sure to get a professional consultation before deciding, so you can be sure of installing the best ventilation system for your Australian warehouse or factory.

6 Options for Warehouse Ventilation Systems in Australia / Fanmaster