FanmasterNovember 23, 2020

3 Key Types of Industrial Cooling Systems

In hot weather, employees in industrial workplaces like factories and warehouses can really suffer – impacting their wellbeing and productivity. Getting the right type of industrial cooling system is essential.

Here are three options to consider.

1. Portable evaporative coolers

Portable evaporative units are ideal when you’re looking to cool one specific area in your building, and you’re in a region with low humidity. They are easy to manoeuvre from space to space, require little maintenance and are a low-cost option.

  • The Ouber range comes in four models, with each offering a one-year warranty, and features such as water level indicator and automatic swing louvres. Ouber portable coolers have low power consumption and utilise natural evaporation to cool the air.
  • The Coldfront range of portable evaporative coolers (formerly known as Coolspace) are made in the USA, and offer a three-year warranty on components and a lifetime warranty on the housing. These units have two-speed air-flow and can easily cool open spaces. They are made with a UV resistant, durable roto moulded polyethylene housing and have large in-built water reservoirs. The units are equipped with castors that swivel for easy manoeuvring, as well as a locking function to keep the unit in place.

3 Key Types of Industrial Cooling Systems / Fanmaster

2. Fixed evaporative air conditioning systems

Evaporative air conditioning works best in dry, hot climates. Fixed evaporative air conditioning is ideal for large, open industrial spaces where spot cooling won’t be effective.

  • All Ouber fixed evaporative units come with downdraft air outlets, and four inlets all equipped with filters. Each unit comes with a two-year warranty and an auto-clean function.

3 Key Types of Industrial Cooling Systems / Fanmaster

3. Portable air conditioners

Portable air conditioning units are suitable for spot cooling in hot, dry climates as well as in areas affected by humidity.

  • The ICEN range of refrigerated units are available in three models, with each offering a spot cooling function that can be used when cooling the entire space is not practical. An easy-to-use control panel allows for access to the variety of operating modes, and a visual display if an abnormal function occurs.

You can work out what type of evaporative cooling will suit your workplace with our calculator. For assistance with industrial air conditioning, get in touch.

3 Key Types of Industrial Cooling Systems / Fanmaster