Industrial Diesel Fan Heater Service Tips


The time of year has come that people are either purchasing or starting up their diesel heaters purchased through one of Fanmaster’s many distributors. There are faults that can occur from time to time that can easily be rectified through a maintenance procedure prior to operation.

Scheduled Maintenance

Maintenance on the IDH range of heaters MUST be performed on a regular basis. Without regular maintenance on any machine, damage and ultimate failure is guaranteed.

Consider leaving your car in the shed for 6 months and firing it up without first having it serviced! We have put together a simple schedule that can be performed by anyone handy. This will ensure that your investment is kept in perfect working order throughout the cold season. Click here to download this guide. Spare part kits are available from Fanmaster should you need to replace any of the following.

  • Spare Parts
  • SD-IDH-FFFuel Filter to suit IDH 20/30/50
  • SP-IDH50-FFFuel Filter to suit IDH50
  • SD-IDH50-FLFuel Filter to suit IDH50
  • SD-IDH50-FNFuel, Air Line, Nozzle, Filter
  • SD-IDH-ALAir line to suit IDH20/30/50

Out of the box issues

Although rare, Out of the box issues can occur from time to time. Generally, an out of the box issue may be caused by the pressure valve at the back of the unit.

These are set it the factory for optimum performance – however due to transportation may lose their setting.

If this is to occur, the symptoms would vary from the heater not firing at all, to intermittently starting then stopping. If these symptoms are occurring straight out of the box, click here to remedy

Diesel Issues / Waxing & Crystallizing

Fanmaster has put a lot of research into the type of fuel being used in the IDH series of heaters.

Diesel fuel throughout Australia is so varied, it is at times difficult to know what the waxing point of diesel fuel is, and it varies from region to region. When the temperature is cold enough, the wax in diesel will start solidifying.

Once the crystals appear in the fuel, and the heater is operated, the fuel travelling through the fuel lines and fuel filter of diesel heaters can become blocked.